I'm having this issue with a dedicated server on a windows server. My game runs on HTML5 and I can run and connect to the server just fine. The problem is that when a player close the browser or simply use the command "disconnect" or Logout; the server won't react to it. There is nothing on the log about the player leaving. The issue with it, is that for some reason, you can't rejoin from the same computer unless I restart the server. Once I restart the server players can connect back to the game. Another weird issue maybe unrelated is that after the player leaves, it will time out after 10 mins (set on baseengine.ini) and kicks everyone from the match with the same time out error.

Maybe someone encountered something similar?

attached is a screen of the player login (on a local ip as I was testing, same scenario happens with an uploaded server on the internet using a public ip)

So far I tried destroying the pawn, the controller, the playerstate actor; tried printing anything that might come from network error handling on the instance. Nothing worked and error handling returns nothing, its never called. Not even when trying to reconnect and fail.
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