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Letting people play your project online

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    Letting people play your project online

    I am new to unreal engines, but I have begun building games for my friends and I to play, is there a way to get an online multiplayer game to run on a website using unreal engines?

    getting started with UE multiplayer

    start from this lesson, probably it would give you useful thoughts


      Originally posted by Prahlad Makwana
      Please follow these steps, To Letting people play your project online

      1. Choose Groups > Groups from the left menu on the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.
      2. At the top of the list of groups, choose + Add a group.
      3. For type, choose Security group. There are other group types in Office 365, but this is the one that can most easily manage your Project Online users. For more information on different types of groups,
      4. Type a name for your group. It might be easiest to pick a name that refers to the permission level. For an organization named Contoso, you could name your group "Contoso admins" or "Contoso team members".
      5. Choose Add.

      I hope this information will be useful to yuo.
      Thank you.
      How is this answer even remotely connected to the OP's question?
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