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UE4 - Real Time 3D Product Customization System For The Web (HTML5)

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    UE4 - Real Time 3D Product Customization System For The Web (HTML5)

    Hello, everyone, I wanted to share with you guys a personal project I been working on.
    It's a Real-time 3D Product Customization System For The Web created using #UnrealEngine 4, #JavaScript, #CSS and #HTML5

    Down below you can find a link to the project to enjoy the full experience.

    Feedback and criticism are appreciated

    Project features:
    - Custom Progress Bar
    - Custom Reflection
    - Real-time Modular Object
    - Communication between the Unreal engine and the browser

    Make sure to open the project link on a Computer.
    Project link:


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    I have spent some time now, trying to understand how to package HTML5 to put on a webpage, with little luck due to not yet finding a noobs guide.
    Your demonstration, reveals great potential and it is something I would like to see further developed. The thought of a fully interactive 3D website / environments is just awesome.

    I would love to know how you done this, I imagine it was complicated. The background color is terrible but that is well besides the point.

    Very impressive. Keep it up !


      Thank you MattMcP, I appreciate the comment. I am planning to put a tutorial series about this project I just need some free time


        This looks really cool. How long have you spent working on this?


          Thanks, c.fine69. it took around 4 weeks, 3 hours every day.