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UE4 - Real Time 3D Product Customization System For The Web (HTML5)

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    UE4 - Real Time 3D Product Customization System For The Web (HTML5)

    Hello, everyone, I wanted to share with you guys a personal project I been working on.
    It's a Real-time 3D Product Customization System For The Web created using #UnrealEngine 4, #JavaScript, #CSS and #HTML5

    Down below you can find a link to the project to enjoy the full experience.

    Feedback and criticism are appreciated

    Project features:
    - Custom Progress Bar
    - Custom Reflection
    - Real-time Modular Object
    - Communication between the Unreal engine and the browser

    Make sure to open the project link on a Computer.
    Project link:


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    I have spent some time now, trying to understand how to package HTML5 to put on a webpage, with little luck due to not yet finding a noobs guide.
    Your demonstration, reveals great potential and it is something I would like to see further developed. The thought of a fully interactive 3D website / environments is just awesome.

    I would love to know how you done this, I imagine it was complicated. The background color is terrible but that is well besides the point.

    Very impressive. Keep it up !


      Thank you MattMcP, I appreciate the comment. I am planning to put a tutorial series about this project I just need some free time


        This looks really cool. How long have you spent working on this?


          Thanks, c.fine69. it took around 4 weeks, 3 hours every day.


            This is great, thanks for sharing! Has there been any update on a tutorial series?


              Nice work, well done. Lots of potential uses for something like this.


                Hi Ayoub,

                Very Inspirational Work. Your Dynamic Modular Furniture Bookcase Asset is pretty impressive as well. Can easily visualize other Dynamic Modular Furniture such as Tables /Chairs in which you customize width, height, number of Legs, and color. Would personally like to create Unreal Viewer Plugin for Wordpress some day. Keep up the awesome work.
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