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Is HTML5 fully supported? Why does launch fail?

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  • Is HTML5 fully supported? Why does launch fail?

    I am trying to do a product demo in UE4. Packing to HTML5 , needs to work in Chrome,IOS most platforms. Is this a bad idea to try this? It needs to look nice, but cross platform blah blah. All of that. Advise appreciated.

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    HTML5 still remains experimental and I believe there are a lot of problems with it working on Mobile. If you need to package for mobile I'd recommend the native app route which UE4 is fine at. If HTML5 is your primary target I'd consider something other than UE4. I've been using Babylon.js and it is great. Obviously the tooling doesn't compare but it's a very easy to use, stable and robust library.


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      Hi Rich ,

      This remains a " really bad idea " —
      Until somebody at Epic comes up with a better HTML5 pipeline !
      I had a pretty bad experience last year trying to package a project
      created in UE4.12 and we ended up recreating the whole scene
      inside WebGL as it was faster , and worked.

      The problem is with the HTML5 support using " Emscripten " to
      try and auto -magically " transcode " Unreal's C++ native code into
      Javascript which ends up being a real mess. I had a static scene
      that would not cook and would not display.


      Better options : grab your assets and bring them over into
      a proper HTML5 / WebGL / Three JS based framework. It'll be
      quicker , faster at runtime and most importantly it will work ! They
      really should remove the HTML5 export from both Unreal and
      Unity 5.x as they don't work well and get no support.


      This is interesting —
      Though still exports to UE4 runtime :
      [ ]

      Cheers ,

      — Chuan