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    Hello everyone,

    I having been using Unreal for a while and today I have begun using the osc plugin. I took all the installation steps: download from github, create a plugin folder in my project root folder and copy the osc folder inside. Create the project files again and the go to the project solution file and then, inside visual basic, build the game folder again.
    My problem is that once I try to create a blueprint there are several actions (or nodes) missing. I can not create a oscserver, for example. I installed the latest version of the osc plugin. Also I tried the two previous versions but the problems is still there.
    I am using unreal engine 4.21.1, specifically the nvidia gameworks branch since I am using flex fluid simulation tools. This is the only version I can use since otherwise my fluid simulation would not work.


      Using either UE4.25 or 4.26 and VS 2019 Community edition I don't seem to be getting a Plugins folder even after selecting my project file and choosing 'Generate Visual Studio project files'

      Attached are screengrabs of my project directory and also inside VS Solution Explorer (no Plugins folder).

      Click image for larger version

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Name:	MissingPlugins2.JPG
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