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    Hi monsieurgustav,

    Is there a way to parse the FName that comes out of a received message to a granularity finer than the final component of the address path?

    Like let's say you have a two branches of paths that differ by an int in the middle of the path.

    /FishTank/Guppie/0/Stripes/Yellow 3.0
    /FishTank/Guppie/0/Dots 27
    /FishTank/Guppie/0/Name Jeffrey
    /FishTank/Guppie/1/Stripes/Yellow 3.0
    /FishTank/Guppie/1/Dots 27
    /FishTank/Guppie/1/Name Jeffrey

    When I yank the FName of the Address pin out for a Switch on Name, I can't seem to drill down at any level higher up than the last part - Yellow (f), Dots (i), or Name (s). Should I just store a temp string and then parse it from there, or is there a smarter way to do that?




      does the plugin work in 4.17 ?
      Tried it with the "master" but got a error in VS !?

      And big thanxx for the plugin !!

      Andy Probst
      Head of R&D / VR - Meilenstein Digital GmbH


        Yes Andy, I can confirm it works perfectly with 4.17.2. I get the error also, but I just ignored it and everything seems perfect. I am now wondering if the plugin works with 4.18. I haven't tested that : )


          Could someone lend a hand? I'm really struggling : ) UE4-OSC is working perfectly. My problem is that I am receiving a very complex OSC bundle. Everything in the bundle comes in pairs of either two strings, a string and a float, or a string and an integer. While they are always paired up next to each other in order, the pairs themselves can shift around so that they can appear anywhere in the index. So for example "speed" 0.25 "gain" 1. That's four messages total ordered from 0 to 3, but sometimes that will be reversed so that you get "gain" 1 "speed" 0.25.

          How in Blueprints can I setup logic that can separate between these three kinds pairs and allow me to work with these three types. Essentially the first string is always the key and the second argument (float, string, int) is the data.


            Has anyone noticed that when you transform an object with OSC the anti-aliasing doesn't update immediately? Any idea how to fix?


              Hey, Hope all is good.
              I am having trouble with my Windows 10 machine hanging when receiving and sending OSC data. The problem seems random and I am having trouble pinning down the problem. When I send an OSC message into the Unreal 4.14.3 system it occasionally hangs the machine so I have to end the unreal task. Sometimes it does not hang the system and works fine allowing me to monitor motion controller parameters in Reaper.
              Any advice gratefully received, many thanks


                Hi - I am trying to compile this plugin using Xcode 9.2 and Unreal Engine 4.18.3 and keep getting this error

                "Discovering modules, targets and source code for project...

                Generating data for project indexing... 50%ERROR: Plugin 'OSC' (referenced via default plugins) does not contain the 'OSC' module, but lists it in '/Users/thisuser/Documents/Unreal Projects/OSC/Plugins/OSC/OSC.uplugin'."

                Steps to reproduce:
                Create new C++ project
                Close Unreal
                Add Plugins folder and OSC folder
                Cmd click .uproject ->Services ->Generate XCode project

                Same error if I try building project directly in Xcode

                Any suggestions ??



                  You named your project "OSC", just like the plugin.
                  You should try a different project name.


                    Hi! Does this plug in works with version 4.18.3? I installed the plug in and it seamed to work, but it seams not to be sending any data. I have already the monitor and tryed with different computers (IP) different ports, and adresses and nothing.


                      I have it working in 4.18.3 No errors so far. I still making something more complicated, but I can print the OSC messages.

                      If anyone has any information on converting MIDI to OSC pleas send to me. I'm trying to find some software that will allow me to use a standard midi controller to OSC to Unreal.

                      Thanks for the probably the best tutorial on OSC for Unreal!


                        Hi! I have an issue with the plugin or UE. I work with 4.18.3 and I have the TouchOSC app too. I did everything like in the tutorial but I don't receive any message in UE from TouchOSC. But Unreal shows messages sent from another programs like QLC+. Also I can receive messages from TouchOSC in PureData.

                        Have you ever had a problem like this?


                          Has anyone else's OSC Receiver component disappeared from a blueprint? I can create another BP in the same project, start from scratch, and that OSC Receiver component remains (after I save, close the project and re-open)... but the one I've been developing for so long always goes missing. Even after I recreate it in the BP, testing works, then I save and close, re-open and its gone and breaks everything again.


                            Hi, I Trying Build Package in 4.19 and receive this error: (In PIE is OK)

                            - LogOSC: Warning: Settings changed registration failed

                            In my project.Build.cs i add "OSC" module...


                              Hi, will the plugin work in 4.19.2 or 4.2?


                                Hi its Bruno from the future, the answer is yes