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Best WORLD_MAX value for large world?

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    Best WORLD_MAX value for large world?

    I want to make a world much larger than 20kmx20km. Some research turned up that someone found the engine (physics/animations) "breaks" at about 106km away from origin (in Multiplayer mode). So I'm going to assume a maximum world size of 210kmx210km (until I did my own tests). That would be barely enough for me to create one small planet.

    My question is, what should I set WORLD_MAX to?

    It is possible to move outside that boundary, if the boundary check is disabled (I would have to write my own "kill box" code).
    But I feel that setting WORLD_MAX to 210km would be a "Bad Idea" and cause performance problems, as it affects things like rendering distance, shadows, fog, landscape collision, sound, particle effects, projectiles ... OTOH, if I don't set it to my "real" world size, the game might break in unexpected ways when I move far past that limit.

    I could (or might have to?) create one or more additional constants, and edit the engine source to enable movement over the whole world, without killing rendering performance, but I was hoping to get this done with the least changes possible, as it makes upgrading to a new version harder.

    Originally posted by skunkiferous View Post
    That would be barely enough for me to create one small planet.
    Are planets the goal?

    If so, maybe follow some of the projects here. Maxime Dupart in particular, who also has a large-world testing thread which might be of interest. Personally I've gone out to +-2000Km with important caveats: Single-player only... Custom-movement spaceships (not using animation system)... No attachments to ships... Limited physics (simulation on for impacts / collision but no physics for movement)... No landscapes, just meshes... 'Near Plane' tweaks to avoid z-fighting. That was all without needing origin-rebasing (even projectiles worked)! But ships were a multiple in size of the default UE4 Mannequin, which helped deal with precision errors...
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      Originally posted by EntrpriseCustomr View Post
      Are planets the goal?
      That is the kind of planet I want to make: picture #6 ... a voxel-based planet.

      > The player must be-able to land on it and fly away from it.

      That would be good, but I don't expect them to "fly away in the void" anymore, as it seems nearly impossible in UE4.

      > Epic has absolutely no interest in this area at all whatsoever.

      Yup. I have seen the recent footage of the new "planetary system" (whatever it's called), but they said nothing about float32 precision, AFAIK,
      so I have to assume it will allow "pretty" planets, but not "functional" planets, at least not in MP.

      Originally posted by EntrpriseCustomr View Post
      Single-player only...
      I really want planets, but I want multiplayer more. If I have to choose, I'd rather have my "planet" be a large square, and pretend it's a "cylinder" by teleporting them at the edge, but have multiplayer.

      That thread is quite large; I'll have to read it in details.