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Having trouble building 3rd party plugin

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    Having trouble building 3rd party plugin

    Hey all,

    I was trying to use the plugin found here

    I put it in my project's Plugi​​​​​​​n folder and enabled it.

    Upon restart, I was told I needed to recompile it.

    And, naturally, on recompile, I hit some errors.

    Above is close to the initial list of errors. Some of them could be easily fixed. Declaration of a new variable is hiding class members? Do a couple of name changes. Can't find ModuleManager.h? I'll tweak the include path. But, now I'm stuck. The errors I still have are

    And I'm at a bit of a loss. What does that first error even mean? It's complaining about this line

    Which is declaring a pointer to a UTileBlueprintData. Why would a semicolon come before *?

    Above is the header file for UTileBlueprintData. Does anything look wrong? To be honest, I don't know what PAPEREXPANDEDPLUGIN_API is/means.

    Apparently, it's a macro for DDLEXPORT. Is this right? Could this be why I'm having trouble successfully compiling and using this plugin? What do I need to do/learn/fix to make progress?