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    4.25 source build

    i have two sytems.
    1) windows 10
    a) unreal engine installed through, epic games launcher, version 4.25
    b) when file saved ".uproject" has "EngineAssociation": "4.25"
    2) linux [centos 7]
    a) i have build the source [version 4.25].
    b) when file saved ".uproject" has "EngineAssociation": "{0004BE06-08D7-F340-2503-86927A883848}"

    when i open the file saved in linux -> in windows 10, its is not opening
    error "This project was made with a different version of the unreal engine"

    unable to open the file.
    i should have both machines same source build/same installation type to get the files opened?
    can any body let me know what am i doing wrong or what should be done to fix it.


    Are you not getting option to rebuild the project ? option yes / no ? Select yes rebuild.
    If it again fails to load then open open it in visual studio or other ide and correct any code error
    If you are not able to fix the error could you attach the error you are seeing in projectname.log located inside project folder >- Saved >- Logs -


      hi, sorry for the delay in replying.
      yes i am getting a rebuild option with yes/no.

      since both the versions are 4.25, while opening file, "it prompted for duplicating the project or converting the project inplace".
      i skipped the inplace conversion and it opened.

      Thank you