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error in building unreal engine in linux

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    error in building unreal engine in linux

    hey i'm getting an error in building setup , make command shows an error :ToolchainVersion.txt file

    Hi, I've built the engine on Linux without issues.

    Ultimately, I decided that my time was better spent working on my game in Windows instead of beta testing Unreal on Linux. There is so much for me to learn about UE4 already, and I haven't yet cultivated the expertise to be effective in Linux.

    Windows 10 is an abomination compared to Gnome, but people really live like this - and those people buy games :-)

    If you truly want help with the build, you'll probably need to post a more explicit error message.

    Also note that once built, the engine appears to "freeze" during start as it has to compute a bunch of stuff (compile shaders, etc)