I have built out the Linux version of the 4.24.1-release tag in the UnrealEngine repository from github. UE4Editor runs fine on Ubuntu 19.10. Saving a project on Linux causes a UUID to be written to the EngineAssociation field of the .uproject file; whereas, on Windows the official 4.24.1 download writes the .uproject file with "4.24" in the EngineAssociation field. This difference between UE4Editor on Windows and Linux causes UE4Editor to believe that projects must be converted between Windows and Linux.

Is it really the case the UE4 file formats are really different between Windows and Linux or is there a way to have the Linux version write "4.24" to the EngineAssociation field in the .uproject files? An informal and clearly inconclusive test shows that changing the Linux UUID in the EngineAssociation field to "4.24" allows the file to be read on Windows with no conversion.

Doug Service