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[Plugin] kd-tree Blueprint Function Library

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    [Plugin] kd-tree Blueprint Function Library


    I created a first UE4 plugin UE4-Kdtree.
    This plugin provides the user to build kd-tree and radius search from it.

    I developed this plugin because there was no Blueprint interface about kd-tree when I used UE4 at first time.
    I'm a newbie about UE4 plugin development, so the comments and requests are very welcomed on GitHub Issue page or this topic.

    Project Page:
    Installation & Tutorial:

    Screenshots of this plugin:


    Very cool, I can totally see the usefulness of this for e.g. spatial search queries. One thing you might consider is to add an async version of Collect from Kdtree (and maybe Build kdtree too) that would run the lookup on a background thread and callback with only the results on the game thread. I don't know if it's needed for typical use cases though, it would depend on typical query performance cost on game thread.

    Thanks for sharing!
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      Thanks for feedbacks.
      I think an async version is useful especially Build kdtree because kd-tree is costly in building phase.
      I'm now tackling to make it. But I need times because I'm newbie about developing UE4 plugin.