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Editor window for a 4.22 plugin?

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    Editor window for a 4.22 plugin?

    (I'm an experienced C++ dev - a lot of Qt - but totally new to Unreal.)

    In my plugin (for 4.22), I've added a menu item. When selected, it runs a command line tool using FPlatformProcess::CreateProc.

    This works (yay!), but there's no user feedback. I would like to show a window in the editor with the stdout/stderr from the command that's being run.

    1) Is there a visual editor I can use to define a window layout (like Qt designer)? Or does a window exist already that I can use for this? I've sen the Editor Utility Widget Blueprint, but that doesn't look like the correct tool for this.
    2) What classes should I be looking at? The Slate classes? Given that it's supposed to be a general editor plugin do I need to use something different?
    3) How do I connect the write pipe? Can I easily hook it to a text widget of some kind (to act like the output log)?

    I'm lost with all the documentation/videos for different versions, and I haven't been able to find good info on writing editor plugins.

    Thanks for any pointers!!

    To partially answer my own questions (1 & 2), it looks like an Editor Widget is in fact what I should be using. I can use the GUI tools to layout the window and then fill in the details and interaction with a combination of C++ and blueprint.


      Just adding that every UI in the Editor is done using slate and UMG is a wrapper around slate. Keep in mind that UMG editor widgets is new to 4.22.