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Someone at EpicGames accidentally sent over 375000 emails (in the past 3 hours)

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    Someone at EpicGames accidentally sent over 375000 emails (in the past 3 hours)


    Someone apparently changed some settings in the EpicGames organization on GitHub, so that everyone in the organization is automatically subscribed to all new repositories (including forks).

    In the past 3 hours, there have been 3 forks of the main UnrealEngine repository:

    ...and about 125000 people have been subscribed to all changes in each of those forks...

    So, someone at Epic accidentally sent out over 375000 emails. I expect that at least a million emails have been sent out in 24 hours.

    Had the same issue lol. If I recall correctly those repos were forked from each other and some of them contained meaningless commits. So my bet is that someone had found a funny exploit on GitHub and tried to make a little joke.

    Seems like those repos are now deleted.
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      Today it happened again:

      Hey there, we’re just writing to let you know that you’ve been automatically subscribed to a repository on GitHub.
          sethdark/UnrealEngine forked from flauzonkinova/UnrealEngine
          Unreal Engine source code
      You’ll receive notifications for all issues, pull requests, and comments that happen inside the repository. If you would like to stop watching this repository, you can manage your settings here:
      You can unwatch this repository bla bla bla...
      So could Epic or Microsoft/Github team stop this **** to happen? Last time I had a 4 days github landing page block...