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Why no bReturnFaceIndexOnMove in UPrimitiveComponent?

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    Why no bReturnFaceIndexOnMove in UPrimitiveComponent?

    UPrimitiveComponent allows you to control several FCollisionQueryParams fields via member variables (e.g., bReturnMaterialOnMove). However, UPrimitiveComponent provides no member variable to set FCollisionQueryParams::bReturnFaceIndex. Because of this, it is not possible to have the FaceIndex set in the FHitResult when the component is moved.

    I created a USphereComponent sub-class that overrode InitSweepCollisionParams and set FCollisionQueryParams::bReturnFaceIndex to true and then was able to get the FaceIndex in the FHitResult on component move.

    I was wondering if this was left out of UPrimitiveComponent intentionally or if it was an oversight. If intentionally, why?

    I made a pull request to add this functionality It is straightforward, but I'm curious to know if it was left out on purpose for a reason I'm unaware of.