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Custom Graph Editor for a plugin Class

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    Custom Graph Editor for a plugin Class

    Hi guys, i need a little help here.

    I'm creating a custom plugin that has an special Character Class inside, no problem there (runtime module). I have created also another module that is an editor module.. the idea is that this EditorModule will have, appart from the typical blueprint editor, will have a new tab with a Custom Graph editor inside.
    I have at the momment managed to registrate a DetailCustomization for my class like this

        FPropertyEditorModule& PropertyModule = FModuleManager::LoadModuleChecked<FPropertyEditorModule>("PropertyEditor");
    		PropertyModule.RegisterCustomClassLayout(AMyPluginClass::StaticClass()->GetFName(), FOnGetDetailCustomizationInstance::CreateStatic(&FMyCustomization::MakeInstance));
    But i have no idea if this is really the customization that i'm looking for.. it does get triggered when entering the blueprint editor.

    Can any of you show me the way on how i would create a custom node graph as a new tab for this new character class?


    Hi there, you might find this GenericGraph implementation handy as it is not cluttered by editor code. Well suited as starting point as I'm doing same thing right now and this got me started. When you figure out that customization you can paste code here as I'll be searching for examples as well in short time... =]