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My map now has 10,000 - 50,000 draw calls in this build.. why???

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    Your really not understanding.... I deleted everything out of the outliner.. including landscape, foliage.. every mesh... INSIDE THE CURRENT LEVEL/map... The assets themselves in the project are fine. Hell most of them are from the unreal market. This isnt an importing kinda issue.

    In fact if i copy and paste the entire scene into a new scene... the draw calls are normal even if lighting is not built... as though the problem isnt there... but thats not a fix since copy and paste loses half the stuff.. including trees in the foliage for whatever reason.


      Think I fixed it. Going to do a few more tests to make sure, but Enable World Composition for whatever reason was checked on. I guess it was somehow trying to merge together every level in that folder or something... there were 2 different levels which were basically the same level with minor changes and they were getting overlayed on top of each other or something... weird stuff.