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    Ahh I see. So you made the kite demo landscape? I didn't know that.

    I am aware it is a problem with WM I was more curious as to whether anyone here has experienced this problem.

    Cheers anyway.


      Yea, I suppose we could come up with a simple script or something that does batch-renaming of the files since that is really the culprit here.
      Ryan Brucks
      Principal Technical Artist, Epic Games


        That may work yeah.

        The thing I find most odd though. Is that the elevation itself, without any weight maps involved, is completely different when using a tiled export.


          It really depends on the terrain. I had another world that I was working on as an alternate backup and for some reason Tiled was causing things to move all over the place (rivers in wrong part of map etc). I seems to happen when doing lots of fancy blending using layout generators.

          What if you increase the overlap settings in WM?
          Ryan Brucks
          Principal Technical Artist, Epic Games


            Overlap settings? Is that the tiled blending percentage?

            EDIT: It looks to me that using any form of erosion and tiled building is a recipe for disaster. It just doesn't work.
            If you use erosion and blending when doing a tiled build, the terrain will end up looking nothing like what you expect.
            Using blending at all completely changes the elevation of your landscape.

            As far as I can tell, the only way to get it looking how you want is to not use any erosion or blending, and not flip it on the Y. Then batch rename the files as you suggested. I can't see any other way of getting expected results.
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              ARGH! This is maddening. I've just exported a simple terrain.

              Advanced perlin >> Channelled erosion >> Coastal Erosion >> None Channelled Erosion.
              Didn't Flip on the Y axis or use a flipper node, blending was set to 0 and it worked perfectly. Granted... I had to move the tiles around with the world composition tool in UE. But it worked.


                So, after a break. I sat down to look at this some more.

                Using any form of flipper is pointless.
                If you flip the export on the Y axis, yes, it will import connected properly, but of course the entire landscape will be flipped. You can remedy this by using a flipper node, but then youre back to where you started, having to peice the landscape back together in the world composition tool.

                Blending when using a flip node also completely screws everything up. Any amount of blending will often alter the terrains elevation to something unrecognisable.

                So. What I need to know is, what script should I use for renaming the outputs from World Machine? file_x02_y02.bmp is the format it uses. Does anyone know how i could batch rename them to import correctly to UE4?

                Is there any chance changing the Naming String within world machine would fix it? Currently its "_x%x_y%y"

                Any ideas how I could fix this? Cheers everyone. Much appreciated!


                  OK. Some progress!


                  16x16 km map. 1m per pixel, 1009x1009 tiles.

                  No flipping on the Y axis. No flip nodes.
                  Erosion and 100% blending.
                  Total elevation of 2048m

                  All I did was run the output files through a batch re-namer.


                  Needs the y coordinates reversing. I was able to do this by manually entering replace y00 with y15, y01 with y14 and so on.

                  This wasn't too time consuming on a 16x16 landscape, but for much bigger maps this will be a massive chore. Still looking for a better way to do it.
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                    Sounds awesome.

                    Just curious, what is the purpose of the WM folder generator?


                      Hello Thorax. I saw you had quite a fight with World Machine around forums. May i contact you via mail for some questions about tiled worlds?