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Partial physical simulation on static mesh

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    Partial physical simulation on static mesh

    Hi all!
    I think im not good anaugh in english to find something with search engine, so i ask comunity for help.
    So i have some LowPoly chest, and i have some details on side like Central ring and Side quad ring. And i want it to simulate physic in game, so when player will push my chest or will open it, my ring will be alive.
    So i have few things in mind.
    1) Make it skeletal, all mesh, but i really dont know how to add bone to that mesh right, and should i combine that in one?
    2) Import rings in unreal like separate mesh, make it simulate physic and count on collision system (like in real world i guess)
    3) Leave chest like static and import rings like skeletal/
    4) Record animating.
    5) Move that in blueprint.
    6) Use constrains
    Can anyone provide some info to dig? Something like:"Interactive, moving, simulate physics part of static meshes and props itself tutorial for noobs"
    Thx all for reading. Hope u undearstend what im saying
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    Hello freezerain,

    I'm an amateur with ue4, but I think all you need to do is setup physics constraints on the rings within the chest blueprint.
    You'll need to import the chest without the rings, and import the rings separate.

    There are tutorials for make a physics Door with hinges as the physics constraints that have a similar function :-D

    hope that helps!
    Be sure to check out Winds of Almerra!


      Yes, thats work for me. Thank you, Simsaladoo.