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Landscape Visibility Help or Bug?

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    Landscape Visibility Help or Bug?

    So I am feeling pretty good about understanding how to create and manipulate Landscapes minus the visibility tool. I am able to create my landscape materials and apply and blend them, scale them manipulate them etc

    The issue is how to incorporate removing unnecessary landscapes or creating holes. I see two ways of doing this, both ways require taking an opacity material and changing it to masked and hooking up a landscape visibility mask to the opacity mask. Then selecting the visibility tool while sculpting to remove the landscape.

    The two ways is to just include this mask in your landscape material or to make it a solo both have there plugin points in the details page of the landscape editor.

    The issue is, either way it turns the component section of that landscape black and no other materials are being displayed.

    When you combine the mask into your landscape material it doesn't remove any landscape it just turns that component section black.

    When you do a solo mask yes it actually removes the landscape but it turns the rest of that component landscape black.

    Has anyone else been playing with this yet and has a solution? Am I doing something wrong perhaps?
    Thanks in Advance...

    I was hoping someone would have something to say by now....


      I had this exact same issue and didn't receive much help either. Initially I made the mask material separate from my landscape which resulted in the above. When I incorporated it into my landscape material though (at the expense of performance according to the documentation) it worked. Interesting that it didn't work for you though. Hopefully epic can find a solution to our problem.

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        My understanding is that you don't have to do anything in the mtl it self, In some objects you might want to use a distance cull fade but thats more for transitioning, If you check the Terrain info you will find there are already optimization options there, For example by default the Terrain will get a -1 Max LOD levels, Which translates to maximum engine LODs kicking in by distance, LOD distance factor which translates to how fast LODs will kick in, Lighting LODs, Streaming distance and Mips. If you start tweaking those i guess you can get the best optimization.
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          Ya but its not an optimization issue.

          It sounds like per other people its a bug, but your saying you could incorporate it into the material and it worked for you?
          I will try again but it usually just blacks out the whole component.

          Since it sounds like a bug I am going to go hunt down where I submit this puppy


            Its a bug its already on the answer hub.


            I am assuming because this is a subscription based model that items like this should be resolved relatively quickly.
            Fingers Crossed


              Yes i hope so along with the GI implementation. It looks good though that they started their first patch so fast. So high hopes.
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                Global Illumination?

                Isn't that covered with a Directional Light and Then add a skylight? Or are we talking about something different?


                  I'm sorry, Think i used the wrong wording / definition.

                  Thats the one i was talking about (proper implementation).
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                    Ah yes I know that thread - looks promising already.

                    Okay so I just want to pass a landscape tid bit. Yes you can make as many materials blend in your shader as you want go crazy. However you can not blend more then any 3 materials on one component of the landscape. So if you really want to add detail the ticket is adding enough components in the grid to break up your texture areas so you can actually utilize say 6 different textures on a terrain. So if you find your landscape component going grey or black your putting to many textures on that component max is 3.

                    So I thought this might be why the visibility tool wasn't working IE it was counted as a layer perhaps and nadda its not. It truly is borked right now.

                    Another tid bit when you push the components up it seems to really elaborate LOD, IE morphing your terrain as you are moving around.
                    You can adjust this setting on LODDistance Factor I changed mine to .1 and that seems to do the trick.

                    Well now I feel like I contributed something today


                      Its been 4 months now since Epic acknowledged the issue. Is there any news concerning the hole issue?
                      We're still facing it and really hope to get a fix.

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                        yeah I got the same issue , this is really annoying ! I can't finish my map without this tool !