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What is considered forward in UE4, Y or X axis?

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    Sorry to reheat this necro-post. But I'm new to UE and just starting to notice the -X facing thing. For example I have very basic project and the 'Player Start' object in the scene by default seems to be facing left by default.
    Will this ever be changed? It seems very counter-intuitive. Perhaps some clever soul could add the ability to setup the axis order ourselves?
    Aside from that... Does anyone have a some common Gotcha's that I could be aware of when dealing with this kind of axis order?

    My very first day in Unreal and I spent hours wondering why the Rotator Z was rotating me on the 'wrong' axis, lol. Then I figured Yaw was Z axis. But I hadn't dream't that minus-X would mean forward :P !


      As an artist coming from Max and learning UE, this one threw me for the first week, too. I've since mapped my keyboard shortcuts so "F" is right, "R" is front, "L" is back, and "K" is left. I'm OK with +X being "forward", but I don't know if I can unlearn 20 years of my 'space cube' orientation.


        I mean this is arbitrary anyways. I'm pretty certain you can re-orient the project any direction you want if default isn't working out for you. As long as you know which directions you want everything to go in then you can do whatever you want.

        The only catch might be with the kill plane that kills you if you fall out of the map. You can probably change this easily though too so don't be afraid to break from default conventions.