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Weird camera rotation when posses to flipped car

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    Weird camera rotation when posses to flipped car

    If the car in my game is flipped its camera is to flipped in the same way. If I am in the car and flip it the camera rotation is fine, but when I am not in the car the camera start to rotate with the car and if it is flipped the next time when I posses to it my camera get the car rotation and even If i posses to other character the camera is still rotated. How to stop this to happen?

    I have some issue too.
    I created elevator and blueprints for it, it should move down when I stand on floor but hands of FirstPersonCharacter and ThirdPersonCharacter blocking the elevator because arms are copied and they are frozen above the character.
    Working at single player modern FPS
    I make animations using Kinect 360 and I learn AI by Peter L. Newton