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Characters for virtual production.. how beefy can I make them?

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    Characters for virtual production.. how beefy can I make them?

    I'm currently creating a character that will be used for virtual production using mocap data. The project isn't for an official film or anything like that, it's a research project me and some classamtes are doing with some teachers at my school. But the end result is to be shot using virtual cameras and photo realism is expected for all of the characters and assets.

    So i'm creating a soldier that is attached to a mechanical stilt setup. But I don't know how beefy I can build him for use inside of Unreal. Our target Fps is something around 24fps with raytracing turned on, and we will have a really beefy computer running the scene (I don't have the specs of the PC yet, but it will be powerful).

    I have made 2 characters for UE before and they have had up to 5 materials (5UDIMS) at the maximum. But since photorealism is expected and cameras will potentially get pretty close I'd probably land around 8-12 UDIMS (just throwing numbers here) using 4k textures probably. More info regarding the project is that several copies of this character will prob be on screen at the same time (probably lodded), and a bunch of vegetation and maybe another character etc. Also.. are displacement maps something that is to be considered or would that be too much for UE to handle?

    I haven't used UE long enough to be able to predict performance issues in the long run etc. But if anyone has any information or knows of any other project that has used fairly detailed characters and knows how they were created then please let me know! I believe project rebirth from quixel used something like 8K textures for enviromental assets and such, but I haven't seen alot of other projects involving characters where they actually break down the project and show the public.

    I know it all depends on what else is in the scene etc, and that you'd probably need more information to be able to give me a clear answer. But I'd appreciate any information I can get! If you have further questions regarding the scope of the project just ask me and i'll provide.

    Thanks in advance!