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    Decals issue

    Is it possible to make a certain decal appearing only on a landscape, while not appearing on units and buildings?
    I know about Receives Decals option but for me it's necessary for other decals to appear on buildings and units.

    Here's the goal: decals are used as "foundations" of buildings that can be built by a player in any level area, foudation decals are attached to buildings and it's needed to make the decal influence only a landscape (a small area around a building), but it's important for the decal not to influence the building itself and units. At the same time I don't want buildings and units to be impervous to influence of other decals (except for foundation decals).

    Good question.
    Was a feature asked about years ago.
    See Decal Filtering.

    I don't recall seeing anything about it ever making its way into the engine though.
    And last time I fiddled with decals, they were still projecting onto things they should not :|

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