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Gets the models out of uassets

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    Gets the models out of uassets


    I've been programming in C++ for a few years. I focus on 2D games and plan to move to 3D later. Just a moment ago I came across a 3D bundle from HumbleBundle that was all 3D content and I picked it up for the future. I realized it said for Unity/Unreal, but I thought I was getting all the models by themselves. Is there a way to get the models out so I could use them in say OpenGL? Unreal and Unity really turn me off for numerous reasons, I like to do everything myself (knowing HOW it was made) for learning purposes. I actually really have no idea what 3D files look like. I know you can use Blender and make meshes and apply textures. The popular file formats? No idea honestly, but I could look that up.

    I did a simple google on this and I kept getting stuff about importing into Unreal. Any help would be appreciated, I'm continuing to find more about this.


    PS: For those interested this is the bundle of 3D models

    Provided the license is ok with that, you can just export the meshes/animations from UE4 to .fbx format.
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