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Sheen appears on landscape as it moves away from camera

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    Sheen appears on landscape as it moves away from camera

    Hey wondering if anyone can help.. I'm working on a landscape material and moving from using an atlased to a non-atlased material and basically getting some weird effects..

    In brief, moving from using a 4x4 texture atlas material as it was really reducing fps. So have made an equivalent landscape material that doesn't use an atlas and instead uses "shared: wrap" texture samplers with roughness and height baked into the alphas of the diffuse and normal textures to get the same 16 available landscape layers (see attach).

    Below are videos of the two materials applied to the same map:

    Video of atlased material:
    Video of non-atlased material:

    Comparison shot:

    As can see from the video in the non-atlased material the landscape becomes lighter and desaturated as it moves away from the camera, all of the colours are also generally a lot darker .. Both materials are using exactly the same source textures, the landscape material settings are exactly the same, and both use height blending. The materials were both applied to the same level so all lighting and post-processing settings are the same. I thought it might be something to do with the mipmaps but doesn't seem to be the case. The texture import format is 8-bit RGB targa..

    Any ideas if you've seen something like this before would be awesome..

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    Okay, just to say I found what it was. I was using the alpha channel of the normal map for storing the heightmap data, which meant I'd changed the normal texture to use default compression and the texture sampler to colour. Not sure why yet, but using a colour sampler for normals is what was causing the sheen/desaturation at distance..