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Procedural Foliage Landscape Layer Spawning Not Working With Landscape Streaming Proxys?

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    Procedural Foliage Landscape Layer Spawning Not Working With Landscape Streaming Proxys?

    Hey all,

    I have ran into an issue with Procedural foliage spawning. I have set up the foliage types to spawn on only certain landscape layers however it refuses to spawn anything at all. It appears to be because we have the map split up into streaming proxy's? I tested the same set up on a simple landscape and it works fine. Am I missing somthing?



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    Procedural foliage doesn't work with level streaming even in 2020, obviously not it's not mentioned anywhere in the documentation because they have to make it look like the engine is perfect.


      It was working with 3x3 tilled map with world composition, i had to delete the central terrain and make a new non-world composed landscape because i wan't to use the new layers feature, but after that i can't spawn procedural foliage anymore on world composition terrain


        For me it works(4.25). this is how I do it. I create my procedural volume in persistent level. Have 2 landscapes created in different streaming levels. I make sure the landscapes are visible and I am on persistent level. My procedural foliage is on parts both landscapes. Now if I stream in level 1 with landscape one or level 2 with landscape 2 via blueprint. The foliage of say trees will only show on the level loaded. It works really well this way actually. So just keep Procedural foliage volume and blockervolume in persistent level. Simulate in persistent level and have landscapes from other streaming levels visible when simulating.


          yes but that makes no sense.
          try running it on 22k tiles. Talk to me then.

          Have you guys tried opening each tile individually and generating that way?

          The whole point of the system is to isoltate each level - not have stuff in the persistent that covers 10km.
          however that is also not very viable as ill probably be a skeleton before I get through 22k tiles...

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