I'm attempting to implement a HUD in my practice game and I purchased the 4k Full Fantasy GUI / UI. I have followed several HUD tutorials on making health, stamina and other types of progress bars and I felt pretty comfortable with it until I purchased a package from the Marketplace.

When I add one of the progress "globes" to my UI there are no familiar parameters like percentage. I drilled down into the assets through the editor and ended up at the actual material called Mat_GUI_Glass_Ball. Here there are many parameters I can modify directly and the one I believe I need is called Fill level and it has a scalar value (I think I'm saying that correctly).

The W_GlassBallRed is the widget I'm dragging to my HUD and it doesn't not have any of the values I need/want to bind to my health variable.

Since I'm very new to this, please don't shoot me!!!

Can someone provide a tutorial link, or help in this thread on how to design this in my hud? I believe I need to do some "code" in the graph view but I do not have a clue on how to start accessing the Fill level paramter.

Thanks in advance!!

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