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Moving master material?

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    Moving master material?


    So I have a few master materials. which are instanced a million times in my project.

    But these 'masters' are scattered everywhere and I want to move them to a central folder.

    QUESTION: If I use drag and drop them to a new folder and use "move here" option. Would it break all the instances and make a colossal mess?

    Just want to be sure before taking such a step.

    Thank you for your time.

    Usually it doesn't. I move materials all the time.
    in editor though, if you move the actual files in the folder you do mess things up.
    I would suggest you try on one first, see how that goes - as the ability to do this might be linked to engine version.


      Thank you. Yes I'm gonna do it editor itself. I'm using the 4.23 version, where it asks, whether to copy or move.

      I've had break up on file links/references long time back, and it is a messy affair. Just hoping not to face it again.