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Blender-.Fbx-Unreal translation issue.

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    Blender-.Fbx-Unreal translation issue.

    I am having an issue translating a custom model and it’s associated skeleton from blender via the .fbx format to unreal engine 4.
    There are several issues, which I suspect are related.
    One, the scaling of the model is off. The various ‘nodes’ I can add are grossly over-scaled. The model is also showing up as oversized under certain conditions. I am unsure if this is coding or the model. So, this ‘showing up oversized’ issue may be irrelevant. The node scaling issue is definitely not just coding.
    Two, The skeleton bones are all deformed to the location of their parent bone.
    I have attempted to fix this issue by adjusting the units tab and the export/global scaling in blender.

    I don't know if it is related but some Blenderheads have been discussing scaling issues here: