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Simplest 2D controller ¿?

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    Simplest 2D controller ¿?

    Hi... first of all, excuse me if this is not on the right place...

    I´m trying to design a simple player object that can be controlled by keys in two dimensional ways up/down and left/right, there is no gravity for it, but need handle collisions.
    I have inspected the current ACharacter class and it seems to be a complete solution for a nice 2D controller, but in my case i just need something much simplier... What should i go for: create an ACharacter and tweak it to make it simple, or use a APawn or simply AActor ?..

    My player only will move up/down/left/rightward no jump, no gravity, neither animations!... is just a single ball..

    Thanks in advance.

    Sounds like you need a character blueprint. The reason is because for a pawn I do not see the option to disable gravity. For a Character blueprint gravity can be disabled and is specifically for moving a character around in your level.