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How do i setup simple 3D morphing geometry ?

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    How do i setup simple 3D morphing geometry ?

    imagine u spawn in an empty space and see a big cube
    when you move your right controller you notice the cube is morphing along with your movements

    so for example the cube is stretching out along the x axis when you move your controller away from your original spawning point ( along that same axis )
    and the same goes for moving the same controller but for the Y and the Z axis.

    and for example your left controller would have a similar effect on that cube but controlling it's texture ...
    so, the cube has the same texture on all faces and moving your left controller along the x axis would for example scale the texture
    or rotating the left controller around any axis would rotate the texture and so on ...

    any tips for this object morphing setup would be very welcome !!!
    so basically i want to assign any possible controller movement ( directly , so without grabbing etc ) to an object's appearance and shape.

    In 3D morphing is more of a term used for deforming vertices in a mesh to make a complex mesh a completely different shape for things like facial animation. What you want to do is actually much simpler because you want to change some really basic variables like the scale of a mesh, you can do that very easily with Blueprints.