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Static Mesh use two materials in it ...

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    Static Mesh use two materials in it ...

    Does anyone know how I can create more than one material entry in objects? All of my objects have been modeled separately, each part of the object has a different texture from the other (this is for when it comes time to put the right materials in place, so where a gold material should go there and so on) ), my problem is that Unreal Engine 4.16 does not recognize these materials, many objects that I have here have only one material instead of several as it should be. I have tried to create one more material, but when applying the material it changes the whole object and not separately as it was meant to be. As I changed system and engine version their original files are not here, you have to do that engine yourself or would have to open them again in the editor where you create them and do it all over again.

    The number of material slots on an object is determined by how many materials are applied to the object when it's imported, if it only has one material applied then it can only have one material.

    If it's ignoring some materials, then you'd need to investigate why that might be happening, it could be that some material types aren't exporting and you need to use the standard material just to make sure that a material gets applied and then replace it in UE4.

    Also, it's best to keep the number of materials as low as possible, so consider how you might apply different material effects with texture maps rather than applying separate materials. Using more materials decreases performance.