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Adaptation of Rainbow Six RS/Ground Branch's 747 Map

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    Adaptation of Rainbow Six RS/Ground Branch's 747 Map

    Well, it's been a while since i was on an Official Unreal Engine project, i have been using 3ds max, photoshop since 2003, after i had used Gmax to follow along's VTM tutorials to learn (Gmax, same UI as Max, early versions.)

    Long Story Short: In "America's Army: Proving Grounds" (Free2Play on Steam) I adapted an experimental version of R6 Rogue Spear's (its original appearance) and Ground Branch's 747 maps (very different than Red Storm's versions tho.) It's about 70-75% completed, using 90% custom textures and static meshes, in AA:PG's UE3 (UDK)Editor. Everything but vehicles (i created the jets which have smoothing and lightmap errors atm,) bushes and trees were created by me, Reason3D...
    Here is an Early look at the basics of what i built... things to keep in mind:
    1- Ground cover is scarce, for optimisation checks. Map will run fine on an older system with limited graphics power. Increasing Density of Rocks, increasing min/max size of meshes, and random seed value other than Zero (0) + hand placed meshes (not part of the deco layer) will add more Cover2Cover concealment.
    2 Jets and runway tarmac are 2-3 times too large, more research is planned to make them RealLife scale.
    3 In the video, as mentioned, cover is pretty bare-bones, also in the Customs Building i enter around 2:00 minutes in, the terrain is poking thru the floor, easy fix, will be done before final Production Lighting Build and Steam Workshop Release.
    4 Triggers to toggle off all ToggleableLights by interacting with fusebox InterpActor on a Customs buidling exterior, will be added before release.
    5 Ambient sounds are not present, and when i shoot the Jet or Bullet-Proof Clerk's Glass, that is the Default Custom Material effect, ie. no effect,I will navigate the MatEditor and TexEditor to add Sound + FX.
    6 the green boxes are AACommVolume Actors, they have an entry for their location name, and a key press will automatically relay your position isnside the boundaries of any given commvol to your team.
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