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Time to switch from Unity to Unreal! Some Questions.

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    Time to switch from Unity to Unreal! Some Questions.

    Hi there,
    it's time for me to switch over to Unreal. To many bugs, uncompleted stuff and very slow workflow with Unity. I'm done..

    So, Unreal is very new to me and there are some questions for me. Maybe someone can help me to find the answers

    1. In the Unity-Editor is a build in cloud-storage system (mainly for coherence workflow, but for me it saves my project states in the cloud too). Is there a way to get a similar feature in Unreal without much cost?

    2. Actually I'm on an iMac Pro 2017 with 8 Core XEON 3.2GHz with 64GB RAM and Vega64 16GB. Is it true that the most useful tools (external) are Windows-only? I plan to develop for Desktop/Console. I know I've to switch to Bootcamp/Windows to build for Windows and consoles, but can I develop on macOS with all features for Windows/Consoles or would it be smarter/needed to sell my iMac Pro and buy an MacMini for office-stuff/iOS-XCode-Stuff and a PC for Game-Development?

    3. What about cross-platform development. Is it in Unreal possible to create one all-in-one project to build for multiple platforms like Desktop, Consoles and maybe Smartphones or do I've to build for one platform first and duplicate this project for every platform and manage them all manually for bugfixes/updates?

    4. Does Unreal have build in open world capabilities? I mean automatic level-streaming for lager levels.

    5. Is it true that in most cases it is no problem to update to a newer version of Unreal Engine without braking projects? In Unity in most cases update to a newer version means "take a few hours to fix everything manually" (specially if you use assets, which you've to in most cases because Unity itself is missing a lot of needed features).

    Thank you

    1. There probably is some cloud service for Unreal out there that I don't know about. Perforce servers can be setup for free though with some limitations on your own server.
    2. Don't know what tools you are referring to but I can't think of any general tool that isn't also supported on Mac. You will find most support for Windows though.
    3. Yes your code base is the same but since there is differences between platforms you will have to manage some of the differences within code blocks.
    4. Level streaming is somewhat automatic although it gets tricky in multiplayer. Streaming Volumes can handle most of the work but if your level is extremely big you might have to get creative.
    5. Things made in Blueprint rarely break in my experience when updating. Third party plugins that you have added yourself can however be a pain to update. Epic normally label engine features as "experimental" if you have to worry about it when updating. Things do change more rapidly than within Unity so don't expect old projects to work out of the box. When you are deep in development you should not update unless if it is necessary.