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Orthographic viewport issues with grid and brush clipping tool with basic geometry[4.22.3]

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    Orthographic viewport issues with grid and brush clipping tool with basic geometry[4.22.3]

    Hi all I'm new to using UE4 and just learning for my own interests.
    Excuse if my terminology is off but i think i've got the gist of it - I've reached the point where I need to start making my own static meshs to complete my scene/level what ever, so using the geometry brush I drag a cube into the world and change its XYZ then I want to clip a section off to make it a certain shape - basic game building stuff right? Not rocket surgery!

    So I go to the geometry edit tab and click brush clip and when i select bottom - left - or front Orthographic view, the brush clipping tool can't seem to "find a normal line" on any brush geometry that i select? I get a pop up error saying "Modifier (Brush Clip): Unable to compute normal for brush clip"
    Also my Front Orthographic view wont show grid lines? I have found the vierw grid check box and clicked it on and off but it still wont show grid lines.

    I realise I can make the shapes I need in the other Orthographic views that do work and then just rotate the geometry but I was curious if this was a known issue? Or am I doing something noobish?
    *As I write this I'm downloading the 4.23 P3 experimental to see if the issue exists there as well.

    Thanks in advance!

    You wouldn't want to create static meshes using UE4 basic tools. In the future they might complete a proper fully working mesh editor but for now something is working in Unreal Studio only.
    Unless you would buy one of the two mesh editor plugins available on the marketplace for UE4 you would need to create any meshes with another software either free like Blender or Rocket3F Basic V1 or buying a commercial license of other software packages which you can find at as low as $60 to $100 or in the $300 range or way more expensive than that.
    Then you would want to UV unwrap the meshes with a proper tool, either a cheap Blender plugin or a more expensive commercial standalone software like the Rizom UV.
    For painting the meshes there is the cheap ArmorPaint which is still in alpha/beta stage but somehow usable or you could get the Adobe Substance or other commercial standalone software.
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