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Physics setup for little moveable objects - beginner

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    Physics setup for little moveable objects - beginner

    Hi, I'm trying to make an asset of low-poly medicines to sell (I'm a 3D artist, not a game developer), but here I'm testing them with problems.

    Here you can see the Physics tab, and the collision boxes shown in the editor, that are auto-generated and not made by me.

    When I step on them with the buddy, they get tossed away like bullets, and also him gets tossed somewhere else, or it shakes around on them until the object or him gets tossed away.

    I would like to understand how to get an effect of a smooth healthy collision that just moves the objects around instead of tossing.
    If I increase the Mass in Kg, they don't get tossed away so much but the buddy vibrates on them. I haven't changed anything of the default buddy...

    What to do? Are the collision boxes "not applied" or something? Since I can see the capsule one for the buddy in the viewport, but not the ones of the medicine.

    Hi, I'm still trying to solve this.
    I've added a custom Physic Material, tyring with default values (as well as in the Physics tab) but I get the same problem.
    Instead, if I scale the models for x10 that are as tall as the character, they behave as expected, reacting smoothly to collision. It's only when they're too little that they get crazy. So, why? I'd like to sell these models with a correct physic simulation. Is the character's default collision box the problem? Or, can I just sell this asset without physic settings applied? (would it be a valid product?)


      i would use the Mesh Previewer, Collision Tab -> Delete Collision, and use the Properties of the Mesh (not Mesh Previewer) to Auto-Convex(per-poly) and delete Physics, and a simple "Become Dynamic" tick mark on that property might do the trick, but i only offer this ideas as advice since nobody has replied.

      Edit: i thnik the Character Actor Pawn (not "buddy") is a cylinder, and likely the collision is too close to be recognized... using the above method might help, as i described... Assuming it behaves properly using that method, it IS a Valid Asset and can be sold for use in Epic's Marketplace for Unreal Engine.
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        Originally posted by JonDavis99 View Post
        Thanks, but I'm not finding a solution. Or maybe I haven't understood your indications... When you say "use the Properties of the Mesh (not Mesh Previewer)" you mean the properties on the side in the Mesh Previewer, right? Because I can't find any option to auto-convex anything in the properties of the object in the main viewport. I deleted all the physics but I can't find any "Become Dynamic" thing, anywhere. I found only "Moveable" (that was already moveable), something about being a "Dynamic Obstacle" in the Mesh Previewer, and other hidden things but nothing seems to work.

        It's weird because it's a very simple thing I'm stucked on: collision on little objects, with default settings. That's just what I'm asking because there is no particular case here over than the objects being small... That's why I thought it was simple to do.