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How to create a Motocross Dirt Track Effect WITHOUT using a Landscape Spline?

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    How to create a Motocross Dirt Track Effect WITHOUT using a Landscape Spline?

    How can I replicate a motocross dirt track effect without using a landscape spline mesh? (See images for reference)

    I've shaped out a motocross track on a UE4 landscape using the landscape spline and I'm currently using a height based landscape material on the terrain to blend between rocks, cliffs, dirt and sand.

    I have tried countless attempts to work with the landscape spline meshes by applying a dirt track material to a plane but I run into so many issues using this method that I now want to avoid spline meshes altogether. (See a few 'issues' images attached)

    Is there another way to apply tire track marks to the terrain?
    Every single motocross game manages to achieve this effect so I'm hoping there's a simple answer here.

    I could use decals, but I'm told this can be heavy on performance and also extremely time consuming to have to place hundreds of decals around the track.
    Then comes the issue of how would the decal go around a hairpin bend?

    Can it be painted on, and if so, can the texture follow the direction of the brush?

    Really stuck on this one....and desperately seeking an answer.
    Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


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    Perhaps decals are the way to go?

    I haven't played the actual game, but do the tracks players leave persist indefinitely? If so, that might be expensive to do for longer game sessions and you'd want to find a different approach.


      With a generated mesh that exactly follows topology of landscape.