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What is fastest way to get incoherent assets packs to look the same?

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    What is fastest way to get incoherent assets packs to look the same?

    After ca. six weeks using UE4, I have decided to join the game jam this coming May. Been doing sound, music, graphical work and more for twenty to thirty years and a bit film and 3D as well. My main worry point is that the many flipped assets I might end up using, might look incoherent and there won’t be enough time to fix it close to deadline.
    My current idea is to batch retexture all of the diffuse maps. Could one add some main button on say, the trees, and change contrast/brightness,hue and all that basic stuff? Leaves and grass tend to look similar in RL. Would be better to see it live in game, than going back and forth between Unreal and GIMP.
    How much can a master material cover? If it was a world of plastic, could one get away with using one material and then add changes to make it more shiny on cars and dry on roads? Even just transparent for windows and water.
    Thank you for reading.

    The first thing I'd do is make sure they are all textured the same and following PBR guidelines. The albedo shouldn't have lighting detail, specular shouldn't be modified, the metallic is only used for actual metals. sRGB should only be checked for the albedo and unchecked for roughness, metallic, and normal map textures.

    After that you could worry about setting up a master material to fine tune things like getting a similar level of saturation and roughness between assets. Generally after following the PBR guidelines things should look similar and light the same way. If the assets are using tiling normal maps, adjusting the strength of those to be more similar can help as well.