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    Tileset and Tilemap

    Hi guys,
    i'm getting started with Unreal Engine 4, first engine i ever used. I like it very much but i have few doubts. I'm starting with a 2d game to learn UE4 and then i'll pass to 3d. At the moment i tried using tileset painted on a tilemap but got some problems:
    1) I can't move the tiles once placed so if i want to move a platform i must erase and paint again
    2) The tiles are too static compared to a single sprite placed in the viewport
    I tried also using only single sprites (extracted from the same texture of the tileset) but got some problems too:
    1) I can't make the map precisely because i don't have the tiles that are "16x16". When i use tiles an object is formed by more little tiles so i can modify a part of the object as i want but with single sprites i can't do that because the sprite is the entire object so i can't change a little part.
    Am i missing something? Is it better use tilemap or sprites placed in the viewport (pros and cons)? I would know all your suggestion
    Thank you

    Anyone please? I would appreciate also only a suggestion