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Move level with landscape to another folder

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    Move level with landscape to another folder

    Hi everyone!

    I try put things in order in my project and faced the problem that the levels with landscape can not be moved to another folder.

    For examle: create new empty level -> Create Landscape -> save it. Now I try move this level to enother folder in Content Browser and got message (see screnshot).

    Any ideas why level with landscape make this problem and how to fix it.
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    First of all, you must not be with that current level opened before trying to move it. So, follow the steps below in this explicit order and you will not fail:

    0) make a backup of your entire project (always when you want to move things)
    1) create a dummy level
    2) open the dummy level
    3) make sure the level is not mentioned at the default level for editor in the project settings: "Maps and Modes". It cannot be referenced in any other place.
    4) now in the content browser make sure to right click the folder which contain the level you want to move and select "Fix up Redirectors in Folder"
    5) close the editor
    6) open Windows explorer (or equivalent if you in iOS) and move the folder which contain the map you want to move to the desired place.
    7) open the editor again and check if the level open fine.

    The same steps above can be done for any other asset, but the big issue is when the project is too big already and the asset referenced by other assets. Make sure to do a quick research for references before doing it.
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