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Full Blender support for UE4 in 2019?

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    Sure, but all of that relates to high detail sculpting. How often do you do that anyway? and with the dynatopo tool it's pretty fast to just sculpt a more detailed mesh and bake the normal map / ao / whatever into the game ready model.

    Sure, if you are making movies and really high detail stuff it's not going to cut it, but I don't believe it's a deal breaker considering blender is 100% free.

    also, on subdiv. the bigger issue is the time it takes to actually subdivide with the loop tools. if you add 1000 cuts on a plane on x it's fast. if you then cut y you'll hang a while. that's probably some redundancy issue with the way the loop cut works.
    More to the point of blender vs anything - if I wanted to I could snag the source and fix it. if the same were the case for Maya or 3ds I'd be out of luck, forced to file a bug, and be told to **** off because no one but me uses it that way.


      Not sure where you are getting that information, bc while I'm not sure my issues were sculpting related as I have far better luck and great performance sculpting in AutodeskM MeshMixer. My and logs of blender uses issues are with editing or specifically for me as Meshmixer has always been goto.

      Free is always going to matter alot as many can't afford pricey options, but free, blender 'atm' anyway is a joke as relates to working on my 2.5MIL tri mesh. Literally impossible, hence why i use mesmixer for almost everything ,just no choice and that applies to many blender users,and blender devs are aware of it.

      Edit mode.
      Aug 2016
      Agreed. I hope they are really gonna improve this. Importing a tree with ~1.400.000 vertices makes the programm almost or pretty much unusable in edit mode. The feature set of Blender is nice, but this performance issues is starting to get more and more apparently.


      Aug 2016
      Work on rewriting the OpenGL code is already underway in the 2.8 branch (and a recent Sunday Meeting has the developer hinting at the code being ready for tests sometime soon).

      All we can do is wait as of now, but please note that the developers are indeed aware of Blender’s OpenGL being archaic as shown by the project.

      Thats all edit mode speak, and while I couldn't be more overjoyed working with blender for my meshes that are 'small enough', my current project that matters the most to me, gives me non usable performance in blender as that thread indicated in 2016, its no better now and many say better in 2.79. I refuse to go backwards, enjoy 2.8X too much so I'll never find out,but I highly doubt it as last time I used 2.79 its as worse as in 2.8X ,but maybe for others it was slightly better to stick with 2.79 no idea.

      Anyway stress in life can be bad enough, so I avoid it where possible which means sadly blender avoidance bc the huge weight of my work is my huge mesh which is a huge component of my current ue4 work
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        Ok, but let me ask you this.
        what are you doing in engine with a 2.5mil tris mesh?
        aside from waiting 30 minutes on an import when you forget to triangulate beforehand :P