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Problem with height map and tessellation

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    Problem with height map and tessellation


    I've got a problem creating a blend material (to paint my landscape with). I can't seem to get the height maps and tessellation working :/
    I've contacted the creator of the textures but hasn't given me a working solution yet.

    Below, I've included some pics that visualize the problem:

    Preset of how the creator set up 1 of the materials (look at the height diffrence & tessellation in the preview)

    How I've set up my blend material: (another picture, zoomed in on the height maps:

    How the textures look when painted on the landscape: (no height diffrence or tessellation)

    Does anyone know what might be the problem? I'm still pretty new to Uneal Engine so it might be something small I've overlooked

    Thanks in advance!

    Nade Swiiv

    Could it be that you turned on tesselation but left the max displacement option at 0?


      Just a note, usually I use the heightmap as input to Alpha on a LERP node and set the multiplication factor (as in your picture 15) to B and multiplication factor * -1 to A and the LERP result I multiply by the vertex normal to feed then to the displacement pin.
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