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Having trouble extruding a cube. Basic question!

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    Having trouble extruding a cube. Basic question!

    Hi I'm just starting out to learn unreal and I'm having some basic technical problems. I'm presently doing the tutorial which asks me to extrude a cube however in this tutorial the cube looks like a simple square.

    However when I load it up. It looks like a Yellow lattice and I cannot get it to change.

    I've uploaded some screenshots. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong! help!

    Jammy Games

    do you see the icon called "top"? It's located just under the save current button in your pic.
    if you click that you can change it to perspective view.

    to extrude you have to select the face of the cube, it won't work if you grab the edge like you seem to have selected in the pic.

    I would generally just work in perspective mode, and use snapping if you need to be exact.
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