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Large map using Widget

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    Large map using Widget

    I want to create a large map that the player can zoom and move around. For now, I am just testing things with a single image I found online. To achieve the moving I followed Everynone's Answer to I manage to make the widget move but it has a side effect, the image gets distorted, is it intended? How can I make the widget move without distorting it?

    Here is how the blueprint for mouse move is set up:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	blueprint.png
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    And here is what happens when I move the map around:

    Looks trippy, not indented. And you're not adjusting the image's transform someplace else?


      I figured it out, the anchors were causing this behavior, the panning canvas was anchored to the whole screen, now it is anchored to the center. Moving does not distort the image anymore. Thanks!