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How to package game using mobile renderer

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    How to package game using mobile renderer

    I’m stuck trying to get my game to package to es3.1 for a pc build!

    I assumed all I needed to do was check the box in the Rhi selector in project settings, this doesn’t work.

    I’ve used the discjam tutorial, but a lot of it looks redundant as there’s already an es3.1 option in settings and I’m getting the game to open in mobile preview using a console command and can’t get it to work!

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    Anyone, come on guys someone musty know the answer to this?

    Do you have to use a material switch for every material or texture to put it in a format where it can be used and rendered using es3.1, as thats not whats being done in the tutorial?

    In the tutorial it looks like all you need is to run the game in es31????