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Unreal UE4 - What´s the best and less expensive way to copyright characters and games?

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    Originally posted by RoccoFX View Post
    "Manatee" i dont think its right for some one else to copy your creations, and see it as free promo or advertisement… i think that mindset its wrong, some people may even ask you to allow them per free to do this as free promo, if you say yes, the might use it to make a lot of money behind your back...... BTW.... a 23 year old created a website to share old videos, one of those was "the simpsons episodes"... he wasn´t selling them, but Fox sued him for 10 million dollars and won, yeah they love free publicity.

    I guess the idea of publish games and depending on how they sell, register them its Ok, but still risky.
    If you seriously consider your product to be the same level of potential as The Simpsons,you should definitely hire a lawyer from the start. For a normal indie developer who doesnt have much of hopes of creating a multi-billion dollar networth brand, the fair use of using your characters for fanart etc is just a positive form of user advertisement really.

    But really, dont worry about something thats not an issue yet. If your product really hits that big, you have the funds to hire the lawyers to do the work for you. Until then, just focus on the game.