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    some question

    Hello everyone! I started for 1 month on unreal and I have some question or I did not find any precise word on google.

    In blender game engine when we wanted a lot of static lighting we had to "baker" the light on a texture. Should I do the same in unreal? From what I understood, unreal bake the lights automatically on the lightmap of each objects?

    In blender game engine when there is a lot of object with a physics we must suspend the dynamic on objects that do not move to save the CPU. Should I do the same in unreal? Or unreal automatically disable objects that do not move?

    In blender game engine when we have for example 2000 objects (low or high poly) we must "merged" a lot of object together to have fewer different objects in the map to not forced on the CPU. In unreal do I have to do the same? For example it is better to have 1000 objects of 100 triangles each or 1 objects of 100000 triangles?

    I have an object with 1 LOD. Is it possible to disable the "self shadow" on the LOD?

    For textures, does a 1024x1024 PNG use less pc performance than 4 x 512x512 images?

    I hope I have been clear in my questions

    (thanks google translate)

    1-UE4 like most game engines has a lightmap baking system:
    2-You don't have to do anything special, if something isn't moving then it can still be collided with if you want, or you can disable collision entirely for that object.
    3-Yes, you need to keep the number of objects low, the number of draw calls impacts performance a lot. If something is very simple, then it's good to merge it with other objects.
    4-Not sure actually
    5-one texture will have less impact than 4
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      thank you for all this darthviper107 reponce.

      I have new question that have happened to me since: D.

      I have the same texture on 2 different objects with 2 different material. One object is near and the other is far away. Unreal will it calculated as 2 different texture because mipmap that are not at the same level?

      In a blueprint I use a dynamic point-light that I can turn off and light up whenever I want. If I turn off the light by setting the intensity value to zero, will unreal stop calculating the light? or did it remove the light then the spawn for the light?


      Does a one side object and a tow side object with half fewer triangles use more pc performance?
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