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Creating a circle

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    Creating a circle

    I am sure this is a very simple task but I just didn't find any way online...

    I am trying to create a simple 2D circle (similar to the plane actor but circular)
    My goal Is to have a circle that I will be able to put a camera feed material on it that would paint it uniformly
    so just using a sprite or some kind of a material on a rectangular plane is not good enough.

    Is there a way to create any mesh using UE4? what is the simplest way to create such a circle?

    Thank you very much!

    Normally, you would just set your material to masked then add a radialgradiantexponential to the opacity. Then put it on a plane mesh.

    what did you mean by 'paint it uniformly'?
    It doesn't cause any distortion, so it what way is it not good enough?
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