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    UI feedback

    Im almost done creating the User interface for my poker game. Im not sure how i feel about it. So i thought id ask you guys for some feedback. Like is there to much green,
    do the colors of the option buttons work...etc.
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
    P.s. the raise slider is not finished yet. Still havent decided how it will look. Any ideas on that would be great.
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    Reminds me of a mobile poker game i played a couple years ago. Which platform are you aiming for?

    If you're targeting mobile, i do feel the bottom right buttons are way too small and close to each other.

    As your theme is around green and wood, i would love to try a wood texture instead of your bottom green border.

    Might even help the buttons stick out by contrast. I would just try at least ^^.
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      Personally I wouldn't use different colors for the check call ect buttons, there are other ways of making buttons stand out.

      If you want to reduce the green then one option is to just have green behind the cards but remove the green background under all the buttons on the bottom middle and right side. That would also let your players see your game's scene better.

      Maybe move some stuff like the coins and the buttons in the middle up to the top corner. or incorporating the coins into the raise slider.

      btw the scene looks real nice. if you make a strip poker mode that would just be freakin hilarious.
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        MaximumDup: Originally i was aiming for pc and ps4 with vr versions also for both platfroms. Now im thinking thats a bit to ambitious as this is my first game (Not counting a couple of tiny school project games) and theres still alot i dont know how to do yet in Unreal. So right now im just aiming for a regular pc version. I do eventually want to make mobile platform versions, ive been keeping the poly count relatively low and used simple materials and lighting (altho i still have alot of work left on material and lighting.) I did think of wood for the UI but then i thought that there is already alot of wood in the level. But maybe if its wood that really stands out. Something light maybe? I totally agree that the small buttons seem out of place. I will definately do something about them.

        IndieGameCove: Yeah, the different colored buttons will need to be redone. Dosent look as good as id imagined it. Ill try the buttons with no background as you suggested.

        "btw the scene looks real nice. if you make a strip poker mode that would just be freakin hilarious." Thanks! The game already does kinda look like strip poker atm as i havent finished any of the wereable objects like hats shirts/jackets and pants. Im getting stressed just thinking of all the 3d objects i still have left to do as i plan to make about 50 clothing objects, and also the female goblin version isnt done yet. Thats why they all are male atm. And i also wanna do chagable facial hair like different types of eyebros and beards.
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          May I ask what mesh do you use for the cards?


            Each card on the table is a plane made up of 14 polys (because of rounded corners) using material instance to change the texture on it.
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